ODU is officially in the Unity Asset Store

During 2013-2014 new year’s eve, I coded a simple tool for showing debug messages on the screen. It was the improved version of a module I made for myself for debugging networking code on a game I had been helping develop at the time.

I submitted it to the Unity’s Asset Store and it was rejected due to lack of compliance with some policies. They didn’t specify which ones, though.

I resubmitted it two weeks ago, after testing it with Unity 5, and after more than a year without looking at it. Of course, I improved my website: added a privacy policy, and removed the Paypal donation button. I think those things were the cause for the previous rejection.

Good news! It was accepted last week!


ODU logo

ODU is the tool I’m talking about. It was part of my portfolio unofficially, but now it is officially part of the Unity Asset Store. It means users, which of course means maintaining a project that will probably be helpful for a handful of people.

Now I have the experience in order to do it better and make more assets, something I’m really looking forward to.

In the meantime, give it a try and drop me a line with feedback for improving it. I’m really looking forward to hearing for you.

ODU’s in the Unity Asset Store.

ODU’s official page.

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