Game-mechanics programming lab

A while ago I had an interview with a prospective client in game development and the process got me thinking about what I call today the game-mechanics programming lab.

The company runs entry tests for everyone in their team of developers; either permanent employees or freelancers. The test consisted in making a simple 2D-game for Android in five hours.

During the process I struggled a little bit not because of the difficulty of the game itself, but because I had forgotten almost everything I knew about collisions and gameplay-aimed functions in Unity. How come? Well, I’ve been touching mostly back-end code during my work on El Canto del Autana, very API-like functional code for doing backstage things (connection to remote server, saving player’s information, customizing assets, dialogue builder, etc.), and I’ve been busy (thankfully) working on html5 games for other client during my spare time on weekends and nights.

Given the above situation, I decided to practice weekly in order to keep and develop my gameplay-programming skills [in Unity] and I named that practice code-fu. Nah, just joking (but it’s a cool name, nonetheless, but I think someone already coined it). Anyways, I decided to take bits of games, specially mechanics, so the project is called Game-mechanics Programming Lab, not because it’s a cradle for experimentation on something new, but a way to gain hands-on experience through research and experimentation.

I’ll be using a form in order to keep order and some formality on the lab.

  • Name.
  • Example game.
  • Platform.
  • Behavior.
  • Solution.

So, in a nutshell, I’ll be programming a simple game mechanic or feature per week (hopefully). The idea is to pick something simple that can be crafted in four hours or less.

You’re welcome to join me!

I’ll be using the hashtag #1GAMPLAW on Twitter and the regular tag 1GAMPLAW in blog posts :D.

PS: I know not every feature is a mechanic, but bear with me on this one (naming things is hard).

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