Dark Recon Game Devlog 2

It’s hard when you implement something, want to share it with the world, but you’re also trying to maintain an expected schedule on the blog. Finally, today is blog day!

Previously, I implemented a system in which the player handles a “dumb” object using some sort of gravity gun. Well, it turned out to be the wrong idea, so Julián stepped up and clarified things.

I’ll leave the technical explanation aside, and include his example on how the Inertia/Impulse Device (IID for short) works.

Player A shoots The Inertia Device over an object B. B levitates.  The player shoots The Impulse Device twice over B, but the first time was in position X and the second time in position Y. Then when the time of levitation finishes, B gets thrown by a force of two shoots of The Impulse Device in the average direction of X and Y away from the player.

It’s clear that the previous behavior was wrong and had to refactor. It required some changes in the player’s script and creating a new script for the IID’s target. The object has a fixed amount of time to be affected by inertia in which impulses are accumulated and finally released.


As you can see, it now works as the current design specifies. Furthermore, the narrative changed a little bit and we got rid of the zombies. I think we’ll be exploring the concept of total solitude, but Julián will probably talk about it later.

In case you didn’t know, the Dark Recon logo was created long ago by our friend Christian Chomiak. He worked with us for a year during our time with XNA and early transition to Unity. Some of his ideas are still with us in some way our another (we’re still using the logo, for example).

I think I’ll play a little bit with the camera movement for the next iteration, unless Julián requires something different. Furthermore, we’re making another game and I’ll talk about it in the next post.

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