Clean Unity’s Project Wizard in Unity 4.x

There are two ways to delete a project in the Unity’s project wizard. The first one is simply deleting, renaming or moving the directory directly from its location. The project wizard is smart enough and this is the recommended option.

Unity Project Wizard

The second one requires administrator privileges and deleting the registry entries associated with the projects we want to get rid of from the wizard’s list without deleting, moving or renaming the directories.

  1. Go to Windows registry (run regedit.exe).Run regedit
  2. In the Windows registry, go to
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Unity Technologies/Unity Editor 4.x/

    Unity PW entries

    click to enlarge

  3. Find the entries which names begin with “RecentlyUsedProjectPaths-“. They’re numbered.
  4. Select and delete the entries you want to get rid of.
    delete registry entries

And that’s it.

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