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The 45m rule for new technologies

When I find out about a new technology to develop software, and in our case to develop games, I apply a self-made rule of thumb in order to take that technology into account or just get it discarded (for the time being).

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Write games, not engines

Back in 2007, Josh Petrie published a great piece of advice to aspiring and entry-level game developers on, its now-dead blog, Scientific Ninja. I think it’s really important to have this again on the Internet because, more often than not, I read the question of whether it is preferable to build an engine from scratch before actually build your game.

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1GAMPLAW: Isometric world

I had planned to add features to the two-dimensional jump experiment from last week, but I started a game-AI course at the university in which we have to work on 2.5D, so the isometric camera research I did fits perfectly here.

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As I said in the last post, I’ll be working on little bits of mechanics and features per week in order to get better. This week is basic 2D jump.

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Game-mechanics programming lab

A while ago I had an interview with a prospective client in game development and the process got me thinking about what I call today the game-mechanics programming lab.

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Set up multiple SSH identities on Git

As a freelance developer I get to work with different clients and contractors and it’s common to find that they use different repository hosting services; Github, Codebase, Bitbucket, etc. Today I’ll share my experience configuring Git in order to work with multiple repository hosting providers.

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Clean Unity’s Project Wizard in Unity 4.x

There are two ways to delete a project in the Unity’s project wizard. The first one is simply deleting, renaming or moving the directory directly from its location. The project wizard is smart enough and this is the recommended option.

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Release early, release often

Just as Eric S. Raymond coined this phrase into the open source software philosophy, I’m going to use it to start the new personal site which used to be a static page as a means to be my personal portfolio.

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